One More Cup of Coffee

Guanxixue and Ian Shoff’s Library Lottery

Or Another Way to Win Friends and Influence People


[Originally published on “Backstory,” the website of the Canisius College journalism program.]
Ian Shoff graduated from college several years ago with a Mr. Canisius title under his belt and theworld seemingly his oyster. Now he’s  back at Canisius, and he’s unsure what he wants out of life —other than to make sure you have a nice cup of coffee. The tale of a librarian in search of his story.  BY AIDAN RYAN


By 8 p.m. in Mid-March the view from the second floor of the Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library is limited.  The sun has set and Forest Lawn cemetery is an inkspill.  The houses on Hughes Ave. are dark, because most of their occupants are across the street, in the Canisius College underground clubrooms, lingering around the red and yellow coffeeglow of the campus Tim Hortons, or in the same library, not looking out the windows, because there is nothing to see…

Read more on “Backstory,” the website of the Canisius College journalism program.

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