From the Griffin’s Nest: Op-Ed on Post Referendum Possibilities

I was pleased to return last Friday to the pages of the Griffin newspaper, which, under the leadership of new Editor-in-Chief Jourdon LaBarber, has only grown in stature as a new power player in Western New York media. News Editor Kevin Daley (full disclosure: a close friend of mine and fellow member of the SchuylerContinue reading “From the Griffin’s Nest: Op-Ed on Post Referendum Possibilities”

Edinburgh’s Beans: A Quick Guide to Coffee Shops in the Uni District

Edinburgh boasts an embarrassment of riches for lovers of single malts and coffee beans alike – the city is crowded with pubs and coffee shops, two or three to a block.  If you’re moving to Edinburgh for the long term, ignore this article: it’s better to stumble and discover these places for yourself.  But ifContinue reading “Edinburgh’s Beans: A Quick Guide to Coffee Shops in the Uni District”

Some Thoughts from a Scottish Unionist

My friend, the Las Vegas political player and former Griffin editor-in-chief Ken Kraft, recently sent me a succinct, restrained, and fairly convincing article on “Why Scottish independence is a bad idea.”  In it, Amanda Taub (from what I gather, some kind of quasi-Scot, linked by bonds of family, education, and gastronomy) breaks uncertainties about Scottish intoContinue reading “Some Thoughts from a Scottish Unionist”

New Poetry: In Slipstream Issue #34

I first read the magazine ‘Slipstream‘ when I discovered it in the Canisius College library during my first year as an undergraduate creative writing major.  I found about five back issues in our lit mag section – they were a little weird, with a penchant for dark and strange photography; but what most stood outContinue reading “New Poetry: In Slipstream Issue #34”

Edinburgh Turns Orange (And Purple, and a Little Bit Red-White-and-Blue)

Conservative “Orangemen” marchers add one more voice to the referendum debate Half a block north of the west entrance of the Meadows park in Edinburgh, Scotland, three neon-vested parking officers sit at a table cluttered with radios and handheld printers, staring down into their smartphones.  Students and city workers come here, a small shop calledContinue reading “Edinburgh Turns Orange (And Purple, and a Little Bit Red-White-and-Blue)”