Teaser: The Duke of Norfolk Live In St. Mary’s Cathedral

The Duke of Norfolk made a name for himself among Edinburgh folksketeers and pubgoers within a few weeks of starting to gig regularly in Scotland’s capital.  Known for his humility, his finger picking, lyrics about wandering far from his Oklahoma home, and for high-energy performances from The Waverley to Paradise Palms and, recently, EdenFest, the man some know as Adam Howard also happens to be a friend.

The Duke and I (or rather, my alt-blues pop-freak two-piece, Better Strangers) have shared a stage several times over the past months – and recently, we shared a Cathedral.

On the cusp of releasing a full-length LP in the coming months, departing slightly from his transatlantic folk roots in to Sufjan Stevens-influenced electric experiments, the The Duke of Norfolk launched a Kickstarter campaign to record and release a video EP, to keep everyone happy in the meantime.  You might remember my jazz adventures in Hilden and Dortmund’s domicil – so, I switched genres and returned with the drumkit when Adam honored me with a phone call.  Shot over the course of a few hours one overcast evening in Edinburgh’s beautiful St. Mary’s Cathedral, the video EP will be up on YouTube … soon.  In the meantime, check out the trailer:

The Duke of Norfolk on Spotify.

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