Teaser: The Duke of Norfolk Live In St. Mary’s Cathedral

The Duke of Norfolk made a name for himself among Edinburgh folksketeers and pubgoers within a few weeks of starting to gig regularly in Scotland’s capital.  Known for his humility, his finger picking, lyrics about wandering far from his Oklahoma home, and for high-energy performances from The Waverley to Paradise Palms and, recently, EdenFest, the man some know as Adam Howard also happens to be a friend.

The Duke and I (or rather, my alt-blues pop-freak two-piece, Better Strangers) have shared a stage several times over the past months – and recently, we shared a Cathedral.

On the cusp of releasing a full-length LP in the coming months, departing slightly from his transatlantic folk roots in to Sufjan Stevens-influenced electric experiments, the The Duke of Norfolk launched a Kickstarter campaign to record and release a video EP, to keep everyone happy in the meantime.  You might remember my jazz adventures in Hilden and Dortmund’s domicil – so, I switched genres and returned with the drumkit when Adam honored me with a phone call.  Shot over the course of a few hours one overcast evening in Edinburgh’s beautiful St. Mary’s Cathedral, the video EP will be up on YouTube … soon.  In the meantime, check out the trailer:

The Duke of Norfolk on Spotify.

Published by Aidan Ryan

I'm a writer, publisher, editor, and branding professional based in Buffalo, New York. I'm a founding partner and managing editor of Foundlings Press. I've written for the Buffalo News, Buffalo Spree, and other newspapers and magazines, including CNN and The Skinny in the UK, mostly about food, drink, travel, and strange people in strange places. I've also published fiction and poetry in journals like Slipstream and Traffic East, and interviews and essays in The White Review, Rain Taxi, and elsewhere.

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