Whistle Stop Tour Starts Strong in Rochester

Six Buffalo writers rolled into Rochester Monday evening, driving several times past the entrance to Nox Comfort Foods and Cocktail Lounge before discovering their mistake and heading inside. Nox proved an excellent host, with cocktails named for books and writers (we tried The Bell Jar, Farewell to Arms, and many Bukowskis) and great food, includingContinue reading “Whistle Stop Tour Starts Strong in Rochester”

New Poetry: “Modern Love Song to the Summer of ’16” in GCR III

I’m back in Ghost City Review, now edited by Justin Karcher. My latest work, a six-part dirge-search for the season now ending, is called “Modern Love Song to the Summer of ’16.” You can find it in Ghost City Review Vol. 3, available now for digital download. Just click the link and name whatever priceContinue reading “New Poetry: “Modern Love Song to the Summer of ’16” in GCR III”