• Today’s Brew: Old Rasputin

    When, in the course of my years of legal eligibility to seek gainful employment in the State of New York, I’ve found myself fleeing from one job in seek of another, I’ve always kept in mind my own indolence and chronic lethargy: in other words, I sought a job within reasonable walking distance from my beloved […]

  • Two Years After Dortmund

    This article was originally published in the Sept. 2012 edition of Forever Young Magazine, two months after I’d returned from my first trip to Buffalo’s sister city, Dortmund, Germany.  I’ll be heading back to Dortmund in Aug. 2014 to revisit the friends I made there.  I thought this would be an appropriate time, then, to look […]

  • Gondolier Shirts and Gucci Bags: In Search of the Real Italy

    The following is a piece I wrote one year ago, after a Canisius College trip through Italy, originally published (in truncated form) in the Canisius College Honors Post-Journal.  The names mentioned belong to friends and colleagues; all pictures, unless noted otherwise, are mine.   We sat on metal chairs, hung from a wire, ascending steadily […]

  • One More Cup of Coffee

    Guanxixue and Ian Shoff’s Library Lottery Or Another Way to Win Friends and Influence People   [Originally published on “Backstory,” the website of the Canisius College journalism program.]   Ian Shoff graduated from college several years ago with a Mr. Canisius title under his belt and theworld seemingly his oyster. Now he’s  back at Canisius, and he’s unsure what […]