Aye, Nay, and Devo-Max: Growing Pains and the Scottish Independence Referendum

I’ve not been able to update my blog since I landed in Edinburgh on Saturday, being too busy dancing Ceilidhs, downing pints, visiting Tom Riddle’s grave, and decorating my flat.  I have several backlogged posts from Germany to put up, so keep a vigilant eye on my RSS feed for posts on Dortmund pilsners andContinue reading “Aye, Nay, and Devo-Max: Growing Pains and the Scottish Independence Referendum”

Going Home to County Clare

And some time make the time to drive out west Into County Clare, along the Flaggy Shore, In September or October, when the wind And the light are working off each other So that the ocean on one side is wild With foam and glitter, and inland among stones The surface of a slate-grey lakeContinue reading “Going Home to County Clare”

One More Cup of Coffee

Guanxixue and Ian Shoff’s Library Lottery Or Another Way to Win Friends and Influence People   [Originally published on “Backstory,” the website of the Canisius College journalism program.]   Ian Shoff graduated from college several years ago with a Mr. Canisius title under his belt and theworld seemingly his oyster. Now he’s  back at Canisius, and he’s unsure whatContinue reading “One More Cup of Coffee”