Theatre Review: ‘Macbeth’ at Shakespeare in Delaware Park

From my first review for Buffalo Theatre Guide: ““Macbeth” is very good Shakespeare, with everything one expects from very good Shakespeare: leads capable of leading (in the sturdy Matt Witten and the confident Lisa Vitrano), delightful dialogue, and even a Shakespearean scene-stealing fool (Gerry Maher in perfect pitch as our porter).”

On Shakespeare’s Bigotry: An Open Letter

On Tuesday, 13 June 2017, I opened up the Buffalo News to find a perplexing letter to the editor. Someone named Gerhard Falk was calling for an end to the “literary correctness” that kept Shakespeare on our bookshelves and in our syllabi. Gerhard Falk wanted us to “ignore Shakespeare.” This was absurd. You cannot, of course,Continue reading “On Shakespeare’s Bigotry: An Open Letter”

[The Brother 2014]: Organizing Isolation excerpt in The Buffalo News

This past Sunday the Buffalo News poetry curator R.D. Pohl published [The Brother October 2014], an excerpt from my collection Organizing Isolation: Half-Lives of Love at Long Distance. Check the @thebuffalonews this Mothers Day morning for a little Sunday Poetry. This piece is from my debut collection, Organizing Isolation. Buy it online or catch me June 3rdContinue reading “[The Brother 2014]: Organizing Isolation excerpt in The Buffalo News”

Organizing Isolation on Peach, and Other Poetry #Wins This Week

been a week full of poetry #wins. Me on Peach. Babble at Geneseo. Dave Eggers at Bable. Toni Morrison on her way to Buffalo. Eve Wilson on AFROPUNK. Prince on Foundlings. This isn’t in chronological order, nor is it in order of importance. But this post started as a way to share the poems fromContinue reading “Organizing Isolation on Peach, and Other Poetry #Wins This Week”

“Speak, poet”: Buffalo News highlights new poets in the city’s scene

The Buffalo News Gusto cover last week featured an arresting image: facing out of the page, a man in a black leather jacket, head bent to a slim volume in his right hand, left hand rising and cupping as if around a palmed bird or baseball, lips curled to push out a poem. This is News photographerContinue reading ““Speak, poet”: Buffalo News highlights new poets in the city’s scene”