Today’s Brewery: Hövels (Original) Altbier

After visiting the Leipzig and the Gose brewery, Matthias was quick to bring Steve and I back to our senses, and back to Dortmund beer.  As any Dortmunder will tell you, this city was once the beer capital of the nation, brewing export and altbier, and producing more barrels than any city in Germany.  ButContinue reading “Today’s Brewery: Hövels (Original) Altbier”


The world I’ve seen (and written about) This list is not exhaustive, and it excludes some cities in the Buffalo area. Austin, September 2019 Fayetteville, Arkansas, September 2018 England, August 2018 Shropshire, Norwich Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas, July 2016 Austin, Texas (SxSX), March 2016 Latvia (Riga and Salacgriva) – Positivus Festival – 16-21 July 2015Continue reading “Places”

SummerJazz in Hilden, Germany

Less than an hour after leaving Dublin, I walked downstairs at the Blue Note in Hilden, Germany, to hear the incredibly talented Richard bending time in a drum solo.   I was with Matthias Spruch and Pete de Haan, of the Dortmund-based funk collective Blue Elephant, who had come to Hilden for the annual weeklong jazzContinue reading “SummerJazz in Hilden, Germany”

The Music of Sligo

Unfortunately you won’t see video of the Fleadh Cheoil bands here, as my wanderings will take me to Dortmund just as that festival kicks off, but in the days leading up to the festival, the town has buzzed and hummed and generally jigged to the beat of bodrhans.  Here I have clips of some ofContinue reading “The Music of Sligo”


  Aidan Ryan has published travel writing and arts criticism with CNN, The Skinny, and The Buffalo News; creative nonfiction in Traffic East; and feature-interviews in The White Review and Rain Taxi. His poems and stories have appeared or are forthcoming The Xavier Review, Slipstream, Ghost City Review, The Honest Ulsterman, and Peach Mag. HeContinue reading “About”