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  • Foundlings Enters ‘Next Phase’ with Lytton Smith’s My Radar Data Knows Its Thing

    Buffalo News Art Critic Colin Dabkowski Traces the Transformation of a Magazine into a Press “Foundlings Press Enters New Phase” From the outside, the past few days might have seemed like a startling explosion of growth for Foundlings Press. Last Wednesday we announced our formal publishing partnership with The Public, Western New York’s alternative weekly […]

  • New Writing in 2018

    My attention will soon have to turn to all of the exciting Foundlings publications and other projects popping up and popping off in this first half of 2018. I have had a few small publications of my own worth mentioning, though. The most noteworthy, and the most fun to write, was an essay on Buffalo’s […]

  • Foundlings Chapbook Contest and Artist Residency at Hotel Henry

    English-language poets of all styles have an opportunity to win an artist’s residency at Hotel Henry in Buffalo, N.Y., where they will collaborate with a guest illustrator on a limited release chapbook of their poems, to be published through Foundlings Press, a Buffalo-based literary arts organization, in early 2018. Foundlings Press welcomes submissions for its […]

  • 25 Years of Art and Not-Art in Scotland: A Trip to Modern One and Modern Two

    Art, at its best, is a kind of uncontrolled yet disciplined Yelp, made by one of us who, because of the brain he was born with and the experiences he has had and the training he has received, is able to emit a Yelp that contains all of the joys, miseries, and contradictions of life […]

  • Post-Fascist Aesthetics at Dortmund’s Museum Ostwall

    Visiting two wonderful widows in an apartment in Scharnhorst, a northeast district of Dortmund, Steve and I mentioned to the hostess – Oma, eighty-five and able to make a man reach unwilling for a fourth helping with the smallest flick of her index finger – that we’d been to the Museum Ostwall in the U-Building at […]