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  • A Month Back in Buffalo, the City Formerly Known as …

    A Month Back in Buffalo, the City Formerly Known as …

    I didn’t miss Buffalo until news of Snowvember crossed the Atlantic, and found its way onto a BBC report.  The autumn blizzard didn’t put Buffalo on the map, but it did give my European friends a better understanding of New York State geography.  For months, each introduction had followed a predictable pattern: European: “So, where […]

  • Buffalo, Books & Beer

    There was, not terribly long ago, something called the “Buffalo Trail.”  In a way it had everything to do with pioneers, but not of the Laura Ingalls Wilder variety.  The Buffalo Trail was a lecture circuit that grew out of the New England “lyceum” debate scene of the first half of the 1800s, and its regulars […]

  • From the Griffin’s Nest: On Halloween Sluts and Feminism

    I think experiencing Halloween Samhain-style in Edinburgh this year moved me to write again to the Griffin, responding to an op-ed by an old friend, about what she felt was the the “slut” culture of Halloween, and how that (again, in her opinion) works against feminist progress. I didn’t really need much of a spur, […]