One editor’s tips for writers submitting to journals, lit mags, and zines

After producing three volumes of the poetry magazine Foundlings, editor Aidan Ryan offers his advice to writers submitting to lit mags ans zines.

Whistle Stop readers respond to questions from The Varsity

The Varsity,┬áThe University of Toronto’s student newspaper, published an excellent article on the Whistle Stop Tour today. The writer posed some questions, and our performers’s responses were so beautiful (and unpublishably generous) that I wanted to present them all, uncut and unvarnished, here. Kassandra asked: What do you do, and why? What motivated you toContinue reading “Whistle Stop readers respond to questions from The Varsity”

Friends and Foundlings – Interviews with our Favorite Poets

In this series, the Foundlings lads have casual chats with some of our favorite Buffalo poets. Ep. 1: Justin Karcher Interviewed: Justin Karcher, author of┬áTailgating at the Gates of Hell and editor of Ghost City Review. Topics:┬áTailgating at the Gates of Hell, the fragmentation of the Buffalo literary scene, hip-hop and Modernism, stakes and timelessness,Continue reading “Friends and Foundlings – Interviews with our Favorite Poets”