I’m a writer from Buffalo, New York. I mostly write about people that shape places and places that shape people. I’m also an editor and a cofounder of Foundlings Press, a literary publishing project.

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As an open atheist, the answer shouldn’t have mattered to me—but I wish he would have said, simply, “yes.” 

“The Things We Choose” in Humanities Magazine

One spell shatters another—across each line break, our perspective on what is contained and what is containing switches with the ease of a phoropter’s falling lenses.

Reviewing Noah Falck’s Exclusions in Adroit Journal.

… the inequities and injustices presented by Chapter 69 are as clear and apparent as are its misalignment with public attitudes and preferences and the opportunities presented by its removal. 

On working to repeal Buffalo’s open container law.

I didn’t see it so much as feel the cold / when you put out all the watchfires in your gestures …

Best New Poets 2019 ed. Cate Marvin