In the relatively few years of my employment eligibility in the great state of New York, I’ve worked cleaning classrooms and bathrooms, taking orders in a pizza joint, selling watches, copy editing at The Buffalo News, watching over college freshmen as a resident assistant, and drumming in a jazz combo. In Scotland I worked as a DJ and audio technician, interned at a University PR office, and had a brief stint betting on Soccer. Back in Buffalo I’ve taught 7th and 8th grade English at St. Mark, and undergraduates as an adjunct professor at Canisius College. From annotating students’ papers to jotting poems on the back of pizza boxes and receipts, writing — in one form or another — has been the only constant in all my work.

Thoreau famously said, “I have travelled a good deal in Concord.”  Like Thoreau, I have traveled much in my home town, though unlike Thoreau, I prefer the one-l spelling.  While writing for The Buffalo News I did a survey of the best gelato Buffalo, NY has to offer; and while I haven’t shared this knowledge in written form, I could take any visitor on a gustatory tour of the best steak subs from the north end of Main St. to the south.  I’ve written articles about local soul singers and soccer bars; I’ve reviewed art shows and photo galleries.  Then, as editor-in-chief of the Griffin newspaper during my senior year at Canisius College, I tackled crime sprees, an unknown real estate empire, and President Obama’s visit Buffalo.  I also write for The Skinny, covering music and the arts in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and beyond.

But I haven’t spilled anywhere near as much ink writing for magazines and newspapers as I have writing fiction.  I’ve been lucky enough to place my work in a few magazines and anthologies run by sensitive, talented editors – most recently in The PublicThe Skinny, and Traffic East.  I’m more interested in albums than singles, though, and I’m currently looking for an agent to help publish my first novel, R.S.V.P. Please poke around, read the blog, and check out the “Works” page for links to poetry, fiction, articles, and reviews.  If you’re not into, you know, reading much, you can follow me on Twitter @AidanRyan and Instagram at aidanlyaeus.  Finally, though I’m always suspicious of contact forms, I’m pretty sure that if you write something below, it will announce itself to me, somewhere, somehow — and I will get back to you.


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